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Stormwatching clouds over Lake Huron  

Storm Watching

Mother Nature's power unleashed is an awe-inspiring force. At her most unruly in the fall, wicked storms mercilessly lash the Lake Huron Shoreline. Thunder, lightning, high winds, blasting sand and crashing waves combine to create unparalleled dramatic theatre.

During the summer, bathers pack up towels, children and beach toys, scurrying for shelter, while boats out on the open water head to the nearest harbour to ride out the storm.

In Southampton, the Friends of the Flag frantically lower and pack away the giant Canadian flag (25 x 50 feet) from its 135-foot post to protect it from the destruction the wind can wreak upon it.

The best seat in the house is anywhere along the shoreline as the show unfolds, with the dark clouds rolling in from the horizon over the wind-whipped water. If outside, dress for the weather in an old-fashioned slicker that covers you from head to toe-the sturdiest umbrella is no match for the high winds and pelting rain! Or stay dry while watching the storm protected by a covered porch or by simply staying inside and observing through a lake-facing window.

During the winter, experience "horizontal snow" as the wind blows the snow straight across as opposed to falling gently from the sky. The high winds and powerful waves conspire to design frothy snow and ice formations along the shoreline.

Words of Caution:

Avoid being outside or near the lake during an electrical storm. Keep emergency candles, matches, a flashlight and a battery-operated radio on hand in case of power outages.


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